Friday, August 8, 2008

The Importance of Focus

I was thinking today, and somewhat ironically as you'll see, about the importance of focus. I was at Starbucks this morning working on some scheduling before I went to practice piano, and random to-do items kept popping into my head. "Don't forget to pick up shifts at work; don't forget to go grocery shopping; you need to start working on your Beethoven piano sonata project." All the while, I was trying to complete my scheduling for the day, but all I could think about were all the things I needed to do, and the stress continued to mount.

Until, I realized that I have time set aside to think about these things later. I'll remember to pick up shifts at work. I go through my finances every few days and am reminded about it. I'll remember to go grocery shopping, and I have scheduled times already to work on my Beethoven project. There's no need to let these thoughts consume me now when I have already consigned them to other times in my schedule. Now the irony in all of this is, of course, that thoughts of focus kept distracting me from completing my scheduling. But I was thankful for the intrusion, however. For it was by this one thought that all the others went away.


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