Monday, August 4, 2008


I bought a book today. It's not that this is, in and of itself, some sort of novelty; I read books quite a bit nowadays. It is that I bought The Tempest by William Shakespeare which is sort of surprising. I am more of a nonfiction person myself, rarely venturing from the cold grasp of lifeless facts. (Quite candidly, nonfiction is anything but cold and lifeless and whose author possesses almost a greater task to creatively order and explain those things which have already happened.) I don't really know anything about The Tempest. I know there is a Beethoven piano sonata which bears the title as its nickname.

It was yesterday, while at lunch with my mom that she reminded me of the other type of book. Having just finished Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera, she encouraged me to take it for a read. I flipped through a few pages of it and opted instead for the Elizabethan play, but it was her suggestion that reminded me of those other worlds - stories which encapsulate the reader in alternate times and places, and which oftentimes poetically illustrate those concepts laid out in nonfiction.

I think fiction can teach you just as much as nonfiction. Characters and stories share with you experiences that you don't typically get from nonfiction writing. So tonight, I'm excited to lay down before bed and start working on this book. I'm thinking it'll take some time to digest and understand. And like most foods, I think that's a sign of good nutritive value.


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Jamie said...

I agree, fiction can still be true.