Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goal Evaluation

A little over a month ago, I posted some summer goals of mine that I had hoped to implement over the next few months. I thought it fitting maybe to review some of those and see how well I have kept up with them. I had formally written them out with a little more specificity over two posts, but here I'll just quickly review and give an update.

Ride My Bike
Yeah... Straight-up didn't do this one at all. To be fair, I don't own a bike. It would definitely be nice to take a few rides around some of the neighborhoods some morning, but to make it a regular thing seems impractical at this point. My schedule is getting busier and busier with my summer school courses, now two of them! My progress on the rest of these goals will do well to cover up this complete failure.

Beethoven Sonata Analysis
As I posted last week, I have completed a good number of these. I have been able to outline some phases and steps I need to take to reach my goal here. I've remained fairly motivated and slightly ahead of my plans to finish Phase I by the end of the summer. Today, I have 13 completed with another 6 partially completed.

Start Blogging on a Regular Basis
I think I've done fairly well on this one. Since I've started, I've kept up my three-blogs-a-week goal. The topics have changed quite a bit - really as my interest has waxed and waned in each subject. I have several drafts written that really just need to be edited or expanded before posting. All in all, I have done well here.

My exercise program, I feel, is one of the biggest achievements I've made this summer. It is increasingly difficult, as I get older and busier, to make time for working out. But I'm happy to report that I'm now beginning my 4th week of having worked out 5 times a week. This includes lifting weights and running every weekday. This has not been easy, but it's been very rewarding to keep it up.

Out of the House by 9am
And finally, what has now become a little maxim of my mornings. I have done very well with this one as well. A few times it has been 9:30 before I made it through the door, but the purpose of this rule has really been achieved. I was fed up with wasting my time watching TV or doing whatever and especially tired of wasting my mornings, which are, as I have felt for a very long time, the best part of the day. With the new schedule I began on Monday, I have been getting up around 7:30 or 7:45 and getting to the gym around 8:30. This is all before I start class at 10:30. So, with summer school now in session, I'm really forced to get up quite early now, but it really isn't a struggle for me anymore to have my head hit the pillow before 12:30am.

Overall, I have to say, not too shabby. I feel like I've been accomplishing those things that I wanted to when I set out to map a course for this summer. It's also pertinent to point out that summer is really only about a third over at this point. Not only is there time for me to implement goals I haven't really given much attention to, but I also have time to write up other plans for goals this summer. And when I do, you can be certain that I'll end up posting about them here.


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