Monday, June 9, 2008

Farmer's Market

I went to the local farmer's market this morning. Was a little disappointed in the lack of variety. One stand sold herbs, another a smattering of vegetables, the rest inedible plants. It was about 10:30, so most of the fruits probably went rather quickly. I was impressed by two stands that sold free range meat and eggs, however. I'll probably be stopping by there again at some point. I'm expecting the fruit season for this area to come around in a few weeks. Maybe by then it won't be so far-fetched to expect a supply from a stand or two by 10:30.

As I was making my soup this afternoon from the onions and herbs I purchased, I thought about the growing trend of buying locally-grown and organic foods. An article a few days ago in the New York Times talks about the trend and the new 100-mile diet where one feasts only on those products produced within a 100-mile radius. The average person really ends up consuming more fruits and vegetables this way, which might be why the health benefits touted by the diet's die-hard supporters rely more on the fresh-produce "side-effects" and less on the mantra of "locally-grown". If nothing else, the principle of energy-conservation is certainly heeded. The closer the produce is to the consumer, the less fuel needed to transport it, and the greener our future becomes.


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