Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Internet, the Economy, & John Hagee.

Warning: This has nothing to do with anything.

As I left the Coffee Ethic tonight, a song I heard there stuck in my head. A tune so catchy that it would not stop its nagging replay until I discovered what it was. I pulled out my iPhone to search some keywords online. After a few minutes, and to my horror, I discovered that the Edge Network was down, rendering my iPhone internetless. I became genuinely annoyed that I would have to endure a 10 minute drive home before I could begin my song sleuthing. I pay a premium every month to have this convenience at my fingertips at all times. And it occurred to me what those before me would have done without the endless search capabilities of Google. Such a song would disappear from their mind after awhile, and no matter their unquenchable urge to hear it again, that experience would lie in Fate’s hands, or perhaps a barista's named Fate. Now, I can get online and listen to it a hundred times every few days and become so disgusted with it that I delete from my library the song I paid $0.99 for. And with a dollar coming out of someone’s pocket every time someone strains to meet their need for convenience, I wonder how our economy could be doing so poorly right now. All I know, is that if it has anything to do with oil, John Hagee has something to say about it. Which reminds me of last Sunday morning when I sat transfixed in front of the television as his weekly Doomsday message was broadcast across the nation. The xenophobia literally condensed into beads and oozed from my television screen. And in between the ethnocentric rhetoric and the sound of my own dry heaving, I wondered how a “ministry” whose message is so tainted with political bias could possibly retain a nonprofit status.

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