Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"If you make it a priority. . ."

I was a jazz pianist at local fine dining restaurant about 5 years ago when a wealthy couple slipped me a business card and asked me to sit with them while I took my break. They introduced themselves as the Wecksteins. The man was the president of J.Q. Hammons Companies, and his wife had her own business. They apparently liked my music and had previously sat near me at the bar while I was on my breaks. Over the next few months they would show up to the restaurant and ask me to sit with them. I heard stories of their travels around the world. A little younger and a little more shameless, I would ask questions like "What's the most you ever spent on a dinner tab?", and I think they, having worked hard to earn their wealth and power, kind of enjoyed answering the question: "$1000 for two at restaurant on the water in Hong Kong."

I would literally sit there, enthralled at the stories of their experiences. Finally, one night as they wrapped up their meal and I was to return to playing, I said, "I hope one day I'll be as privileged to travel the world like you do." And the lady discerning the subtle defeatism in my attitude leaned in and grabbed my attention with her eyes. "You can do anything you want," she said, "if you make it a priority. It doesn't matter how much money you have. It'll always have somewhere else to go if you don't set it aside for the things you want. There are rich people who can't spend the money to get to Hong Kong because they won't. But you will go there if you make it a priority."



dave said...

How true, Taylor. Great words of wisdom.

You and Grant and Kelsey are all living proof that if you are committed to following your passion, you can find yourself in some truly amazing places -- and more than just geographically.

Love you, Dad.

t.fraticelli said...

What a great post! Nicely done. Let's go to Hong Kong.

D. said...

What a great insight from that lady!

On a lighter note, if you want to write a book someday about the experience of getting to the place of being financially free enough to travel and stuff, you should call it:

"From Hong Kong Inn to Hong Kong...the Taylor Story"

The Bon Vivant said...

a resounding 'Amen'! Who's in charge of your life? Not the elements, You! oh the inspiration.