Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinking Ahead: Environmentalism

Continuing with this idea of weekly themes, I decided that I'd like to cover a few things on Environmentalism. Having just finished Jared Diamond's book Collapse, I have been inspired somewhat to put down a few words on the subject. In this first post, without getting into the controversial parts quite yet, let me just mention a few common-sense concepts.

To start, in our first-world society of bounty and convenience, it becomes increasingly difficult for us as members of this society to see how dependent we are on the earth. I think most of us are fooled into thinking that food comes from grocery stores and fuel from a pump, electricity through a power line and clean water from a pipe. But enter a third-world country and a self-sustaining fishing village and ask them where their resources come from. The answer wouldn't surprise most of us. It's the third world. Of course they rely on the earth - maybe more than we do?

And somewhere between the reality of there and here lies a disconnect. The truth is this: human beings are entirely dependent on the earth for their survival. And it being our most precious resource, is an asset that can produce the compounding returns we need to survive, but if we damage and destroy it, it becomes more than just a shame that we've lost our natural beauty. But our very survival comes into question. I'm not saying quite yet that we need to stop driving cars, burning fuel, or burying trash.

First, let's just agree on this one thing: Environmentalism is a concept that we as intelligent and responsible stewards of this earth must embrace now.

- Taylor


D. said...

I'm excited to see the posts for this topic and firmly believe that as Christians, we are called to be conservationists.

dave said...

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.

- Dr. Seuss