Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Beginnings

Today I was thinking of a few people in my life who have impressed me by some big decisions they're making. My sister, Kelsey, and my friend, Liz, will be leaving the country for some months to live elsewhere, Kelsey to Scotland for school in the Fall, and Liz to Chile to teach English in a week or so. I was thinking about how brave, yet rewarding it will be to take those risks. I wrote this in my notebook a few nights ago:

Liz left today. Headed to Tulsa, then to Chile. To her dream - her brave dream.
Would I ever leave this town, I might come close to a dream. But not here. The grass isn't green enough.
And Kelsey. Going to Scotland.
How brave.
What could I experience if I weren't so afraid? or lazy?
Every step is much too short. Small bites. Manageable, so I feel safe. And always slightly disappointed, I console myself - "It's temporary. Just a step on my way."
- "But someday. Right. right?"
When will I take the step that makes me fight for balance? - The bite that's too much to chew? I would, though slightly disappointed, console myself - "What an experience, though... I'll be alright. I'll be fine."


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