Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer Goals, continued.


Now this is something that I do, but not regularly enough. I have been doing fairly well over the past several years, but a few months ago I injured my joints on snowboarding trip and fell out of the habit of working out. Now that summer is peeking through the clouds with some degree of consistency, I know that before long we will be in swimming season. I would like to work up to where I was before, lifting and running several times a week. Only now, I have created a set of goals specific to particular exercises. Perhaps, I will share those later. Accountability on this one comes courtesy Aaron Girdner and Tim Fraticelli.

Out of the House by 9am

There wasn't really a shorter title that I could come up with for this one. But this goal has in mind the basic principle of "Early to bed, early to rise..." I'm confident that if I can get a start on my day, I can get some sort of momentum going. This rule will really force me to get out of the house and on with the tasks at hand, whatever they are. It may be the gym, studying at a coffee house, practicing piano, or riding my bike. I've already been working on this one for a little while now, and I'm finding that it works.

Now, with all these goals I have to remember to focus on one thing at a time. I need to allow myself to make some sort of schedule and stick to it for a few weeks before adding in the next component or goal. Here's to the summer and what lies therein. And here's to looking back in a few years thankful that I had laid the groundwork for my future successes.


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