Monday, April 28, 2008

Arvo Pärt & His Music (Part I)

The Estonian composer Arvo Pärt writes music that seems to reflect some ominous depth within the soul. Each phrase is fraught with emotion, like brief, desperate outbursts; it's almost like overhearing someone pleading through angst.

Contributing to these feelings are the various compositional techniques that he employs in his works. Dissonance, drones, and the lesser-known tintinnabulation, a technique which Pärt himself developed, all come together to create this sense of connection with the human condition.

I will write further about these compositional techniques as seen in his music later. But for now, acquaint yourself with Arvo Pärt and his music, if you haven't already. The Silouans Song is a nice start. Also, the orchestral-choral Berliner Messe (which I have not found an online recording to) and the choral Magnificat (which has several less-than-exemplary recordings online) are both also good options.

To be continued...

-Taylor Baldwin

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